Travel Hacks

Travel Hacks

Travel Hack #1 - Travel Light.

Be organized.  Organized travel is easy travel. It's something you can control, and makes your travels more enjoyable.

Traveling light is not easy by any means, I mean we all want to bring a different outfit for each day, each night- but staying for a long trip is not feasible to bring multiple suitcases for heavy travel.  Pack lightweight fabrics that can easily fit in packing cubes and don't wrinkle as easily.  Layers are key for warm days and cool nights. you can always do laundry at your hotel which I usually do mid stay.

Clothes that can be dressed down for daytime and dressed up for evening are a perfect choice. 

Most hotels will give you your necessary toiletries like shampoo, soap even toothpaste, so a small toiletry kit is all you need.

Minimize the shoes- two pairs max. Day shoes that are comfortable for walking and evening shoes for dinners and nights on the town. Add those flip flops if you're going to a beach destination...they don't take up that much room anyway.

We recommend packing cubes. They keep all your essentials organized, from pants, shirts, undergarments, shoe bag that can convert to a laundry bag while on the road. Not only do they keep everything organized but they don't allow you to overpack. 

So remember-pack light, be organized and above all GoFar!